How Does VE Work?

How Does VE Work?In most cases, when there is a dollar problem, the construction manager asks the two or three lowest sub contractors to provide them with suggested savings. In the electrical division, these center around scope changes, using less costly fixture substitutions, changing the wiring method from conduit to cable, relaxing the specification demands, using less costly panels such as bolted breakers to plug-in, deleting concrete envelopes, etc. These mundane ideas normally reduce bid prices approximate 5-7 ½%.

There are many other alternative methods that need to be explored to come up with an additional 15-25% savings. They are complex requiring re-evaluations and calculations of the service and feeder runs, re-examination of switchgear, distributions, panelboards and circuitry layout. Riser diagrams may be modified and systems such as emergency power and lighting re-examined. This could require preparation of new drawings and sketches supplementing the existing.

This is why we urge and will advise the engineers to seek our input in the early stages of design so that changes are easily made with minimal cost to the professionals. This also applies to the architects, developers and the construction managers who would seek our assistance in the preliminary stages of preparing budgets. Design-build subcontractors should request our services prior to submitting their drawings for approval so that they don’t have to provide unnecessary explanations as to why they were making changes.

Our plan is a one size fits all program. It works for everyone in the construction industry and offers the least cost method without any scope changes and, without a fee until we save you dollars on the bottom line.


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