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We are your “second opinion”!

Have you ever had to abandon a project because the cost to build didn’t justify the risks, returns and effort?  Was there a development that needed several revisions to the plans and still, you had to spend more than you expected increasing the risk to reward percentage?

Now, you have the opportunity to receive consulting advice on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) segment without any expense until you are assured that savings are in the offing. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Approx. 35% of a job is expended on the MEP. What if you could save 15-25% of the bid amount? And, there are no charges unless we save you money.

Our task is to carefully review the plans or start in the preliminary stages working alongside of your professionals so that the drawings are final and need only minor revisions after they are sent out for bids. Our review will help to avoid unnecessary change orders from occurring once the construction contracts are awarded.

Time saved is money and it enables you to be comfortable in the early stages that the job costs are feasible. If you refer to our list of past projects, you will see that in the 35+ years of experience, we have acquired a reputation for making projects work. We are a leader in value engineering and design-build.


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