Construction Managers

Construction Managers

Get a “second opinion” and win more projects.

Have you ever lost a job because you couldn’t meet some other contractor’s estimate? Have you ever  had to “walk away” from a project because you and your sub-contractor’s weren’t able to VE the job at or below the required estimate? Whenever you prepare a bid, you spend large sums of money and time and without the proper tools you are at an extreme disadvantage. You now have the opportunity to seek advice from an organization with over 40+ years of know-how in construction and engineering and best of all, you are not obligated for any costs unless you are helped. Coulter’s field experience can also provide you cost estimating, budgeting as well as a review of sub-contractor change order requests. Your clients can now be comfortable knowing that you have the ability to protect their interests with definitive breakdowns from a qualified professional.  We are also able to help you avoid sub-contractor disputes which sometimes results in delays and even legal battles. Owners and developers, in bringing you on-board, expect quality and value, functional benefits and cost management. We can assist you with all of these tasks.

And it costs you nothing unless we help you.


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