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Why not a second “opinion” with no charges unless we help you?

How many times have you had to re-design a project because the costs exceeded the budget allowance for MEP trades? Did you reluctantly have to ask for input from “friendly” sub-contractors in these three skills? Were you given VE suggestions from construction managers that brought in their own sub-contractors to “shave” the job? All of this requires extra time and effort which is not included in your original proposal. In some cases, you are pressured to make design changes by a disturbed and annoyed client that you would ordinarily not do. As the engineer of record, you then are pressured to assume responsibility for changes that are questionable at best. Projects start out “on the wrong foot”. This results in disputes, argument and bad feelings from all parties involved.  Sometimes you even become part of a legal battle over scope issues, change orders, payments, etc. that could have been avoided if the design was within budget prior to being released for bidding. We, at Coulter, are P.E.’s with 40+years of design build experience. Our task was and still is to provide our clients with the best plan at the least cost, staying within budgets and scope demands. We are able to harmoniously work with you jointly to achieve these goals.


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