What is VE?

How Does VE Work?What is value engineering (VE)? VE is generally regarded to be a formal review of a present design to discover latent design issues and offer modified cost effective methods to achieve the same objective. As your VE consultant, we would identify options in programs, systems, materials, and techniques that would provide you with the needed cost-cutting alternatives to meet your budget.
Value engineering can provide not only major cost savings but reduce construction time and, in some cases, overcome unforeseen site conditions.

Timing is critical. There is an opposite correlation between time and change. VE suggestions are more likely to be received in a non-combative atmosphere by the design professionals early in the project and for that reason Coulter Engineers would prefer and is prepared to sit with the people that have prepared the documents along with the construction managers and pertinent sub-contractors for a harmonious and cooperative team effort.  All of our VE input is made with the knowledge of the design engineer.  We recognize the burden placed on the professionals in having to review and evaluate changes and substitutions. They have a responsibility to make sure that the quality has not been compromised. We, as P.E.’s, have the same accountability and desires and with our many years of integrity and dependability only offer modifications that are equal to or exceed the original design intent. We recognize that the professionals may be intolerant of such cost cutting alternatives if the time to review and prepare commentaries is unreasonable. That is why we prepare a complete analysis with necessary calculations and full documentation to make the assessment uncomplicated and the professional’s time minimized. Effective communication and support from all parties is essential and we recognize our part in the process.

Construction conflicts are a normal part of large projects. They occur as a result of contract interpretation conflicts, change orders, job delays, etc. The goal is to minimize them and keeping that in mind, our objective is to prevent any disagreements arising from drawing and specification coordination problems and value engineering. With our 40+ years of design build, we have the comprehension, facts, essentials and knowledge to assure you of satisfaction.

Our motivation is to provide you with an outside source for a “second opinion”. It is standard in the medical and legal fields and now we are offering the same opportunity in the engineering profession.

This applies to developers, architects,  engineers, construction managers and subcontractors. We work with all of the parties individually and collectively. Developers who are faced with providing the resources to build at the least cost without sacrificing their goals need someone with the sole purpose of critiquing the documents. Architects and engineers should use our services when there is a need to keep the costs within a budget and avoid having to redo the design. Construction managers need our expertise to bring the project costs low enough to enable construction to begin. We are able to provide VE analysis to design build subcontractors who seek the least costly method of meeting their contractual obligations.

There are no charges to review your documents.



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