Projects to Date

Listed below are some of the design build / value engineered projects that Coulter Engineers has been involved in to date.

603 North American Street
Philadelphia, PA
This 38,000 sq.ft. condominium featured a state of the art security system and electrical metering center for the multiple units. This design build project included a “high end” electrical package, finishes and cutting edge security system.


801 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA
Design/build of a 7 story, 350,000 sq.ft., office tower on top of an existing 8 story retail facility. This project included separation of services, distributions and systems for different owners, a 13.2 KV service and distribution, fire alarm, emergency systems, lighting and power.


Academy of Natural Sciences
Philadelphia, PA
Value engineering and installation of the full-scale electrical system covering 25,000 sq.ft. in a 5 story library stack and research building which was added to the Academy’s main building.


Airport Business Center
Tinicum, PA
Design/build of three office facilities totaling 300,000 sq.ft., complete with new services, switchgear, distributions, HVAC, feeders, fire alarm and tenant fit-out for a large commercial real estate developer.


American Metro
Hamilton, NJ
Design/build conversion of an existing 500,000 sq. ft. bathroom fixture manufacturing and warehouse facility into office space. This project included major distribution feeders & panels, multiple new 15kV switchgear, 900KVA transformers, extensive site lighting, HVAC, diverse power requirements and elaborate emergency, facility and tenant requirements.


American Red Cross
Philadelphia, PA
Value engineering and total renovation of a former manufacturing facility, including a new high voltage distribution system, along with floor by floor electrical distribution, and the latest in high tech and energy saving lighting. There is a major computer room, supporting other Red Cross facilities, which utilizes a 1600 KW backup emergency generator and an UPS System. There is a new addressable fire alarm system, security door system and low voltage lighting control system.


Balis & Company
Philadelphia, PA
Value engineering and full scale tenant fit-out consisting of electrical and tele-data for 75,000 sq.ft. on three floors of an office building. (Combination voice-data, copper & fiber stations)


Philadelphia, PA
Design-build 1st phase of multi-stage project involving conversion of existing manufacturing facility to office/research lab spaces, initial job consisted of providing services, 13.2KV switchgear, secondary distributions throughout, panels, step down transformers, etc. for future tenants.


Cooper Hospital Medical
Camden, NJ
A design/build upgrade of a prime hospital emergency area to include new MRI and Support Systems along with new HVAC and lighting.


Delaware County Intermediate Unit
Morton, PA
Design/build renovations of a 3 story, 60,000 sq.ft. building to be used as the headquarters for the management company of the Delaware County School District. This project included the modification of 1000KW on-site generators, a 500 KVA UPS system, new fire alarm and security systems, changes to switch gear and distributions, and complete tenant fit-out.


Graduate Hospital
Philadelphia, PA
Complete design/build installation of a 5,000 sq.ft Cath Lab and CCU.


Graduate Hospital Outpatient Diagnostic Facility – Tuttleman Center
Philadelphia, PA
Performed collaborative design/build services for a state-of-the-art facility, encompassing what was at the time the latest diagnostic services in the medical field including two Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) centers, a Linear Accelerator, Simulator, Nuclear Medicine and Operating Room facilities.


Hilton Garden Inn
Philadelphia, PA
A new 120,000 sq.ft. high rise design/build project built on top of a partially renovated 240,000 sq.ft. parking garage.


Hilton Garden Inn
Hamilton, NJ
Design/build of a 135,000 sq. ft. hotel.


Holy Family University – Convent
Philadelphia, PA
An out of the ground 20,000 sq.ft. design build, the building is residential with full up to date internet and tele/data installation.


Holy Family University – Garden Apartments
Philadelphia, PA
Design-build of student apartments totaling approximately 25,000 sq.ft.


Holy Family University – St. Joseph’s Hall
Philadelphia, PA
Design-build of a three story 45,000 sq. ft. dormitory. Project included special services such as fire alarm & tele/data installations.


Homewood Suites
Philadelphia, PA (Center City)
Design/build of a new 12 story hi-rise apartment hotel complex including complete fit-out and special services, fire alarm, HVAC, emergency generator, TV, security, telephone, lightning protection and individual apartment panel distributions.


Homewood Suites by Hilton
Philadelphia, PA (West)
High-rise 12 story design build 110,000 sq. ft. residential 136 units with kitchens, meeting rooms, swimming pool, 13.2KV substation with dual secondary transformer banks, emergency generator, TV, security, telephone, door access, data, lightning protection and fire alarm systems.


Princeton, NJ
Design/build of a 58,000 sq.ft., high end office development for a top clearance, defense and intelligence contractor. The job included a classified intelligence system for the United States Government as well as a sophisticated security system, significant tele-data infrastructure and 3 UPS systems.


Local Union 1034
Philadelphia, PA
Design/build and installation of electrical and tele-data wiring system for a new union headquarters.


Marion Locks Gallery
Philadelphia, PA
Design/build lighting and electrical system for a widely acclaimed art gallery.


Martin’s Run Residential Care Facility
Lima, PA
Turnkey design/build of a 25,000 sq.ft. nursing home addition consisting of entire electrical power and lighting systems as well as telephone, television and nurses call.


National Board of Medical Examiners
Philadelphia, PA
Value engineering and new construction of a five story building including a high tech, high speed computer to handle all of the Medical Board testing throughout the country. Included new high voltage services along with floor-by-floor electrical distribution and the latest in high tech lighting. Major computer room and multiple satellite computer rooms.


New Jersey Education Association
Trenton, NJ
Design/build of a new 4 story, 60,000 sq.ft., technically modern office facility with a tie-in to an existing office complex. This project entailed a UPS distribution system, security, fire alarm, lighting and power.


NFL Films
Mount Laurel, NJ
Design/build of a new 200,000 sq.ft. headquarters and technical facility for a cutting edge film center. Complex special audio and video systems, 5000 KW emergency generator capacity, 750 KVA UPS, state of the art stage and theater lighting made this a very high profile project.


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – City Avenue Hospital
Philadelphia, PA
A design/build project consisting of a complete renovation to three floors of a major city hospital converting the facility to a gynecological-infant center complete with all medical processes and care equipment. Hospital electrical main power facilities were upgraded as required.


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Student Activity Center
Philadelphia, PA
New design/build of a 5 story gymnasium, training center and office for a medical college and the Philadelphia 76ers.


Philadelphia Electric Company
Eddystone, PA
Design/build of two 30,000 sq.ft. offices and training facilities complete with all system and fit-out requirements.


Philadelphia Electric Company
Limerick, PA
Design/build of a 60,000 sq.ft. office & 30,000 sq.ft. warehouse facility.


Preferred Freezer
Philadelphia, PA
Design/Build of a 150,000 sq.ft. freezer and storage warehouse that featured a 60’ high storage locker, 100% emergency back-up via a generator, 13.2KV incoming distribution, freezer controls, food preparation areas, office space and an FDA facility.


West Chester, PA
Design/build of a 28,000 sq.ft. complete office fit-out.


Smith Kline Beecham
Philadelphia, PA
Design/build of the new 8 story, 135,000 sq.ft., North American headquarters with complete internal fit-out and indoor parking garage.


St. Mary’s Hospital
Langhorne, PA
Design/build of a 115,000 sq.ft. medical office and procedure facility which also includes the total relocation of a dual 35 KV main incoming service.


Synygy, Inc.
Chester, PA
175,000 sq. ft. design/build tenant fit up of a previously abandonded coal fired electrical generating plant originally commissioned in 1918. This project included, among other things, an elaborate UPS system, state of the art data center, highly customized theatrical and decorative lighting with intricate dimming systems and work on 100′ high ceilings.


Temple University Health System
Philadelphia, PA
A 250,000 sq.ft. partial design/build and part plan & spec project involving conversion of a former train manufacturing facility into a corporate headquarters, research and lab space. The construction consisted of providing services, 13.2KV switchgear, secondary distributions, new panels, step down transformers, life safety equipment, power and lighting as well as multiple other items for future tenants.


United Artists Theater Complex
Philadelphia, PA
Collaborative electrical design/build for a new 58,000 sq.ft., shopping center and 11 movie theater complex. Extensive sound and communication work was involved.


University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA
Design/build of a 150,000 sq.ft., core and shell. The project also entailed fit-out work for many high technology laboratories and testing facilities.


University of the Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Value-engineered renovations to a 21 story school and art academy with studios, theaters, classrooms, etc. Project involved new switchgear, generators, main feeders, fire alarm and high end lighting.


Vanguard Group
Malvern, PA
Design/build of a multi-story, 200,000 sq.ft., parking garage comprising, among other items, HID lighting, fire alarm, security and code blue systems.


Vanguard Group
Malvern, PA
Four fast track design/build projects, totaling approximately 530,000 sq.ft., which included new services, electrical distributions, feeders and fire alarm systems, as well as tenant fit-out for an international developer.


Wells Fargo
Chester, PA
Design/build tenant fit up of 100,000 sq.ft. at the old Delaware County Power Station. The work at this historic building includes all in-direct lighting, ups-system, fire alarm upgrades, and tele/data pathways.


Willis Corron
Radnor, PA
100,000 sq.ft. tenant fit-out (value engineering) for an insurance company.


Wills Eye Hospital – Wanut Towers
Philadelphia, PA
Design/build of an 8 story, 150,000 sq. ft. medical office building on top of a renovated 6 story parking garage. The project consists of a 13.2 KV service and distribution and the full fit out of all spaces including a state of the art ambulatory surgical center and two (2) additional surgical centers. Also value engineered the site to accommodate a the region’s preeminent Neurosensory Treatment Center a new MRI area, Linear Accelerator, CAT Scan, Gamma Knife and Cath Lab.



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